High quality insulation of pipelines, tanks, boilers and other objects

Why us?

We provide a wide variety of industrial thermal insulation services, each designed to enhance system processes. The thermal insulation materials used for each project have some of the highest energy ratings in the industry. Our thermal pipe insulation services are customised for many types of industrial piping including plumbing piping, process piping, hot-water-heating piping, and refrigeration piping. Hotrema offers a variety of high standard insulation works with a guarantee. We use materials and technologies that meet CINI (insulation work provision) norms and work safety requirements. Our skilled professionals will offer the best insulation solution to meet your needs.

What we do?

Products and services:    

  • Turnkey contracting and maintenance services;
  • Insulation engineering;
  • Material deliveries;
  • Site supervision;
  • Prefabricated items and special products.

Areas of expertise:

  • Thermal insulation installation;
  • Cold insulation installation;
  • Fire-proofing insulation installation;
  • Acoustic insulation installation;
  • Isolation of ventilation systems;
  • Cladding and sheet metal blanks;
  • Insulating mattresses.

Total completed insulation jobs at this moment 250 000 m2.


Project Map
  • 33 Projects
  • 13 Countries


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